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      If you loved Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, then you will enjoy this.

Just how much of life can we rely on? Does what people believe make a difference? Is all existence as we know it, an illusion?

Brandon has been given ‘bad’ news. Instead of going to pieces he goes to France, a final motorcycle ride to ponder life and experience freedom.

What appears to be a chance meeting sends his plan awry. He is shown a book that makes him question reality, and finds himself on a metaphysical quest for truth.

As reflective teachings open up for him, he discovers accepting ‘what is’ to be a more important choice than ‘what could be’. If his thoughts do create the world, as Buddha said, what is he thinking to make someone want him dead?


If you want to know a secret, there are plenty of them in here. If all you want is a faster bike, well there is information in here for that too.

It’s the true story of Paul Anderson and Svarog of Byzantine Racing. Svarog, the bike he built to attempt a Land Speed Record, has now been sold but the reason why is a warning to all. It’s a story of secrets, Top Secrets, advancement and learning. It is also a story of setback and ill health. However, it’s not all laughter and merriment, there are photographs too. There is also history both very ancient and modern. As for technical information, there is a shed load.

Want some video of Svarog? Try here.

(Be warned, the English language is being used which happens to contain what are known as swear words. I don’t use them myself but refuse to condemn others for their choice. It is English after all.)

To find out more and see photo’s that didn’t get in the book Click on this link right here.


 Tarmac’s Broken Dreams, The Story Of Svarog. 

Plus, now it is available on Kindle. Yay! Aren’t I good to you?


If you have a problem in the field of relationships, then the book for you is The Secret To Finding Love. This simple process works so well I was shocked. Being simple I didn’t want to fluff the book out with uselessness so it is concise and to the point. love cover b

 “Rod… that book has totally changed my outlook on my current situation, what the hell man, it has re-arranged my way of thinking.
Scary but educational! thank you very much! it is EPIC!..”

Ethon N. Morgan-Payne


A View of the Path. This is about philosophical matters and spiritual awareness. It front 2makes some people go crazy, but I like it like that. I like pushing folks to limits they never knew they had. You can get that here. 

It’s free.


The now published fictional tale, titled ‘Barn Find’, surrounds two bike builders. The premise goes like this: Two bikers find something that could change the world. The plan is to save them and their lifestyle yet it could destroy them in the process. Even so, they have to hold on to it at any price. Sometimes that price is death.

To be perfectly honest, this is my first novel and really needs re-writing. I am in the process, but it is slow and painful. I have learned a heck of a lot since I wrote Barn Find, as you will find out by reading The Tao of Touring.

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And now, for your reading pleasure,
Reaching Your Creative Potential.Front rycp1
It’s about … well, you know. Although it is actually a misnomer as we can never reach something that has the infinite possibility for growth. If you have any artistic leaning and wish to discover more there are some simple things you can do.

It’s available now.


Do you keep a journal? Ever found the rewards from doing so? Well, now you can get even more out of the practice with my new invention. (It’s not that new. I first had the idea ten years ago, but only just got around to doing something with it.)

So far, I have brought out three Power Journals. Each one is in colour or for those on a budget, in black & white.

How it works.

With so many self-help choices on the market today, how do we choose one that’s going to benefit us? The fact is whether it’s Law of Attraction, visualising or good old positive thinking, no single approach will do the whole job. Humans are complex beings, and a chest of tools is going to garner more of an effect than one alone. After all, no one could fit a kitchen armed only with a hammer.

There are a lot of hi-tech approaches to influencing our minds this is one that can be used without all the gadgets. Sometimes the plain old ‘simple’ approach can do the trick.

What can you get from using one or more of these journals?

The whole premise is to influence the mind into functioning at a higher level than it does today. It doesn’t matter how well one uses the thought process, there is a vast amount of brain power that doesn’t get tapped. We, as humans, have an unlimited potential within the mind to create the ideal life. The Power Journal is but one tool to add to any others you might be using.

Journaling has long been employed to capture those slippery eels of the imagination. Many writers down through history used this method to help overcome writer’s block. Just the act of writing something starts cogs in motion that would otherwise be dormant. This activity is just as valid for any creative or success orientated endeavour.

The average Power Journalist can ultimately expect to gain a positive frame of mind. Positivity makes any goal easier to meet. Using the Power Journal over time, allows the message to take root in the depths of the mind. Subliminal and supraliminal messaging is recognised as a way to bypass the conscious intellect and instil ideas. Since the subconscious works primarily in pictures, spoken words that represent an aspect of thought, i.e. “Productivity” don’t always get accepted by the deeper mind even if repeated continually. They are seen by the subconscious as abstract when taken in audibly. Nevertheless, a written word is more readily recognised by that part of the mind as there is a relationship to how it works through it being a picture. It has more impact and is accepted easier.

For a subliminal message to be accepted and recognised by any part of the mind it has to be either in an audible or a visible range. If the conscious mind can’t understand it, then neither can the subconscious.

The Power Journal is slightly different. It uses supraliminal messaging. It is seen but not thought to be affecting the mind. Therein lies the power.

How should one use a Power Journal for the best effect?

To ask you to attempt to ignore the words on the page would be a futile exercise. Even so, that is what we are aiming at, and it will come about naturally. In order for the subconscious to absorb the words, the full conscious level must be by-passed. The usual work of the mind that we recognise, the intellect, is to check, weigh up and discern what is to be let through as truth. Continual vision of the page will allow the words through once they are ignored by the conscious mind.

With the first in the series, the Accomplishment Journal, I suggest only working on the two adjacent pages at any one time. We can fall short of our expectations too easily if we look back and see we didn’t do quite as well as hoped. It would be damaging to start judging these shortfalls as a failure as that would only add to the negative. The mind loves to judge as it is part of the human survival instinct. Without judgement, we would fall prey to the first predator that crossed our path or the first berry that looked like it might be edible. Sometimes that judgemental assessment is harmful to our progression. To that end, the Journal is set out so that only the open page needs to have attention upon it. Once the Journal is complete, then is the time to go back over it and see how well we’ve done. Alternatively, where improvement is needed. The best time to put the journal to use would be in those last minutes before bed. The act of writing before sleep works in both directions. The review of the day brings out things we no longer need to think about as well as what we would like to change. Then as we jot the goals for the next day, the mind has a chance to get a head start on them before morning. These things would happen with a normal blank journal. With the use of the Power Journal, there is the bonus of positive affirmations helping to fuel the process and align the journalist.


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accomplishmentdreams creativity

The Dream Journal is specifically designed for use just before bed and again upon awakening. To that end, there are two aspects. One is for recording what went through your mind during the night, your dreams, to gain insight. The other is for the advanced dreamer who intends to use dreams constructively or to have the lucid dream experience. There are many good books and programs available for those who wish to delve into this exciting world. This Journal is intended as an addition to a more in-depth practice.

If lucid dreaming or dream manipulation is not on your list of priorities, then simply use both pages to record your dreams. This approach is adequate for basic Shaman rituals of obtaining information from the sub-conscious mind.

The third Journal in the series is aimed at creativity. A certain amount of accomplishment and success is involved in creating anything. I used the base affirmations from the Accomplishment Journal and added specific creative phrases to them. A few of the accomplishment words will have been obscured in the process, but the mind holds an uncanny power. It can guess what the unseen part of the word is once the general idea becomes plain. Since this is done by the subconscious aspect, the process enhances the subliminal absorption. Everyone has a creative ability within them. Sometimes it just needs a little help, a boost, to get it into gear. This journal may be all one needs to get the spark to jump. Then again, it is only intended as an enhancement to any creative practice one already subscribes to. Again, there are many good programs and books available to help enhance creativity.


The new book on the block is for kids. Yup, you when you were younger. Or even your children. Another option is your kid’s kids. That’s where I’m coming from as I wrote it for my granddaughter. The possibilities are endless.

Unlike many of the books for our young humans, this one has a moral. In fact, it was the lack of a decent book that spurred me on to write it. We had a bunch of kid’s books that had no story in them. I thought, “I can do better than that.” So I did. The moral is about bullying and although our little princess isn’t in a position to dish out or be a victim of this malady, the possibility will no doubt arise. To give her the low down on how to deflate a bully through the medium of a story was my goal.

My good friend, Alec, did the paintings.

Fly of the Potomi is intended for two years and up. You can get a copy on Amazon.com   Or just click the linkfriends

Plus, there is now a Kindle version for those of you in the 21st Century.


Thank you for visiting my meagre web-site. I am actually very grateful for your time.

I thought magniloquent was an excellent word. I just discovered it and decided it needed using.

I built a new shed to sit and ponder, read and write. I get ideas, I write them down. Sometimes they are too big to keep on a piece of paper, so I make a book out of them. I know you will find something of interest as I did when writing. You may even find a bit of life-changing information, especially in ‘Tarmacs Broken Dreams, the story of Svarog. Alternatively, you may decide on something fictional in which case you will gain entertainment and my point of view.  Whatever the reason you buy and whichever book you go for I know you won’t be disappointed as I have made sure all the words are in the right order and almost all in the same language. Plus I had help with the difficult ones.


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