The video’s are a bit dark it was night, the camera is old, I’m a… [insert derogatory term of choice] with a camera, but the heart of the matter is there.

Paul commented that the photographers “…didn’t get a photo of that.” But I did. Click this link to see Ethon get the shock.

First time fired up for five years. The nitro methanol is no good in a confined space so it doesn’t last long. Also this is pre-tuning. After tuning it would sound much rougher on tick over as the engine wants to be doing at least 5000 to 9000 revs to feel happy.

A small explanation of the internal of the clutch and the way it is utilised here in the

centrifugal clutch. Also on the internals video above is a wheel bearing set up that I would not have believed if I hadn’t seen it.

At 190mph, even though Svarog wasn’t moving, the tail fin was flexing a litttle.

At only 170mph things come loose. Luckily only small things. Watch the LSR sticker on the front wheel cowling.

Here is a great video explaining the workings of a turbo. Just in case you want to make your own.




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